A sunny day enjoying the sites of Warwick Castle!

Spring has arrived! The sunny long days are here and it’s the time of year where I fill up the shared calendar to the max with days out for the Maynes trio. I was really excited to be asked along to review Warwick Castle, as it’s one of the few places we haven’t managed to get to locally. I visited a few times many moons ago as a child, but I could see from looking on the the website, that a lot had changed in 25 years!

As is tradition on most of our days out, as soon as we arrived we headed straight for the eateries. There is a huge amount to choose from so whatever your food preferences, there is something to suit. We choose The Undercroft Restaurant, which served an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet. There was vegetarian pizza for me and Mr M and cheese pizza for Finley, as well as an array of other options. There was also garlic bread, salad and unlimited drinks included in the price (£12.95 for adults. £7.50 for children).

The majority of the other eateries were outside, so on a rainy or chilly day a coat or umbrella would be needed! Warwick Castle is very much an outdoors day out. However, they do provide a rainy day guarantee if you are unlucky with the weather when you go.

Finley was beyond excited at the thought of climbing up to the top of a real life castle, so as soon as we finished we got our walking legs ready (there are LOTS of steps so bare that in mind when bringing young children) and climbed the towers up to the top. The views are stunning. And on such a gorgeous day you could see for miles.

WC 5 .jpg

Finley then decided he wanted to try his hand at jousting. The lady running the activity was so lovely to Finley and showed him how to charge with his sword and slay the dragon.

WC 3.jpg

We then headed to Princess Tower. Inside, we were told the story of Princess Felice and Brave Guy of Warwick, who wanted to marry but were stopped by her evil Father. Guy was trapped in a mirror and the children were tasked with releasing him by solving puzzles and finding clues. All of the little ones were completely captivated by the tale, and really enjoyed the hunt.

The grounds around the castle are spectacular, and as it was such a gorgeous day we spent quite a bit of time relaxing on the grass eating ice cream. We also took a stroll along the river and admired the lovely scenery and weir.

WC 7

Luckily we had enough time before heading home to try out the Horrible Histories Maze. There was lots of laughter from us all running around trying to find our way out and getting stuck in dead ends. Loads of puzzles and things to see on the way round, plus a little obstacle course to complete for kids at the exit. Lots of fun.

WC 4.jpg

By this time we were all pretty exhausted, so it was time to talk back to the car, complete with our little knight with his sword in hand! We had such a fantastic day and Finley has already said he would like to go back.

I would bear in mind for future visits the amount of walking that is involved when you visit. The walk from the car park to the castle is about 15 minutes, so if you do visit with younger children, I would definitely recommend taking a pushchair.

Magnet 11.jpg

Disclaimer: I was gifted tickets for Warwick Castle in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.

Wc 1.jpg


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