A wonderful family stay at the YHA!

Over the Easter holidays, we had a wonderful mini break in the gorgeous town of Padstow in Cornwall. Since Finley started school, we have really had to shop around when booking holidays to keep it within a reasonable budget. As any parent of a child over the age of 4 knows, the cost of holidays is eye watering when the schools break up!

YHA 1.jpg

We have had a few stays now in YHA’s all over the UK and absolutely loved each and every one of them. I should add, that before I married Mr M, I would have been a total snob and had an (incorrect) perception of Youth Hostels. I wrongly thought they would be full of young hippies (there’s nothing wrong with hippies btw!), a little run down, dull, not very clean, with lots of shared rooms and strangers. How wrong I was!

We opted to book in for 3 nights at YHA Treyarnon Bay. I loved the location of this hostel. It overlooks Treyarnon beach, had a lovely outdoor seating and grass area and was a short drive from Padstow and Newquay, which had lots of attractions we were keen to visit. For a private room including a lovely buffet breakfast and we paid just under £200.

Finley loved the bar and breakfast rooms, where as well as lots of tables and chairs overlooking the bay, there was a huge selection of children’s books to read. We had also taken a few games to play, particularly as the weather forecast was a little mixed. Breakfast included a hot option as well as cereals, yoghurts and toast. There were various dietary options available too. The bar served food and drink from 10am. Finley particualry enjoyed the cheese and tomato pizza, whilst me and Mr M loved the falafel burger. Again, the food and drink was really reasonably priced.

YHA 2.jpg

I particularly love the ‘family feel’ to the YHA’S. There are lots of other children staying there and it’s so relaxed and informal.

The rooms are fairly basic, and include bunk beds (which Finley fell in love with! Such a novelty!) and a sink. The rooms are spotless and all corridors are security fobbed. Showers and toilets are really close by and during our stay we didn’t have to wait to use these facilities once.

I would highly recommend checking out the YHA  next time you are planning a staycation. We can’t wait for our next trip!


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