A walk on the wild side!

We have had West Midlands Safari Park on our wish list of ‘go-to’ places for a while now. We decided to book tickets for a visit there during the recent half term holiday, and we certainly picked the best week weather wise! We have been treated to some glorious weather here in the Midlands over the past week or so. So it was nice to have an outdoor activity booked to finally enjoy some sunshine!

One of the reasons it had taken me a while to pick WMSP as a day out was the ticket cost. Compared to other tourist attractions local to us here, it is a little on the pricey side (we paid £74.04 for 2 adults and a child.) Added to this the inevitable other costs for a day out with a 4 year old (!) it’s a fairly sizeable chunk of money for one day. This does, however, include a ticket for a return visit.

We arrived early and already even by 10am there was quite a queue to get in. Finley did find it quite a novelty though to be able to get out of his car seat and sit up front on Daddy’s knee! So this did help pass the time waiting to get in.

SAFARI 1.jpg

We decided to explore the drive through safari first. It was a real novelty for Finley to see  animals animals so close up and to be able to feed them. He is currently learning about safari animals at school, so it was a great learning experience for him. We drove through the African Plains, spotting Buffalo, Ostrich and Giraffes, Wild Asia seeing the gorgeous Rhinos and Elephant Valley. The Carnivores section is amazing, to see Lions so close up is such an experience.

It’s quite a long drive round though so about half way through Finley did start to get a little bored. Particularly as there weren’t a huge amount of animals visible to us. Think we must have caught them at nap time!

By the time we had finished the safari drive through, it was time for lunch. We headed to Dino Diner, located inside the park. They had a good choice of food, particularly for us vegetarians! I had nachos with a 3 bean chilli, Stu had a vegetarian curry and Finley had fish and chips. The food was great. I don’t usually expect a huge amount from fast food restaurants inside theme parks, but I was pleasantly surprised! With drinks, this came to just over £20, which again, I thought was not bad at all.

SAFARI 2.jpg

Next we decided to visit the theme park. Finley could go on the majority of rides which was good, and there was also a fantastic grassed play area with tunnels and musical instruments. There’s a lovely refreshment van here so it was lovely to sit in the sunshine while Finley played!


By this time, young Finley was pretty tired and wanted to go home, so I am glad we do have the return ticket to go back in the summer to see the rest of the animals. We still have to explore the African Village, The Ice Age and The Land Of The Dinosaurs.

Really looking forward to returning!



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