Keeping the cost down during Birthday season!

July and August are insane for us. They really should issue a disclaimer when you start NCT and baby groups to warn you that having a group of friends with babies born at the same time as yours is going to cost you fortune!


As well as Finley’s birthday, in the 8 weeks of summer we have 9 birthday’s. It’s lovely as most weekend’s there is a party to go to and you get to see little people that you are incredibly fond of celebrating being another year older, but it can get a little expensive! I made the mistake in the first year or 2 of splashing the cash on the first few and then realising I was absolutely broke for the rest of them! I have honed my skills since then, and found a few cost cutting exercises!


I love Card Factory. I will literally buy armfuls of the cards that cost 99p for 5. Also good when the date of a birthday creeps up on you (you forget!) I Buy unisex ones as much as possible to cover all eventualities! I have also recently discovered The Works. They have an amazing kids section at the back of the stores selling really lovely paperbacks for 10 for £10. They also have a really lovely selection of quirky gifts. I bought Finley a ‘Make Your Own Space Story’ set for £2.50 and he loves it! They do a fabulous selection of arts and crafts too. It’s a great shop.

I always appreciate a practical present personally so this year I bought quite a few character t-shirts. The sale rails in supermarkets are great for picking up bargains. I found boys in particular really liked Batman and Marvel t-shirts this year!

Now he is at school, I’ve been warned that the frequency of birthday’s will only increase! So I turned to my fellow bloggers for some more money saving tips for Birthday’s (and Christmas!)

‘You can get a pack of wrapping paper and a birthday card for £1 in The Range’ – Sarah at Digital Motherhood

‘Sign up for email newsletters at The Works, The Book People and Smiggle – they have extra discounts for email subscribers!’ – Jodi at Maidenhead Mum

‘Redistribute unused presents! Just remember where they came from!’ – Eva at Captain Bobcat

Buy things when you see them on clearance and save them for when you need them – Nicole at Where The Heart Is

‘I usually ask the parent if a giftcard is ok – I only give £5 but kids are so overwhelmed with presents they won’t remember what we got them!’ – Sinead at Sinead Latham

‘Buy them in the January sales!’  – Laura at Five Little Doves

‘Argos have 2 for £15 on toys – great selection too!’ – Lyndsey at Me Him, The Dog and The Baby

Birthdays 2.jpg

Do you have any money saving tips? I would love to hear them in the comments below!



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