What to expect…when your child starts Reception….

I am in alien territory. I am now a school Mom. It dawned on my recently that for the next 15 years of my life, my schedule will be dictated to by school drop off’s, pick up’s and school holidays. Not that I am complaining (much), but I am already starting to miss the carefree days of baby and toddler groups on a Friday afternoon, making last minute plans with my fellow Mommy clan for a Monday morning soft play and tea session.

And has anyone seen the cost of non term time holiday’s recently?!

On the flip side, I am so excited for my little dude and all the adventures that lie ahead. We were so lucky to get in to our first choice school and we are so impressed so far in the limited amount of contact we have had with his teachers and support staff. Finley has a total thirst for learning and (here’s hoping anyway!) he is going to relish his time in Reception.

With this new chapter in my life about to start, I turned to my fellow Mommy and Daddy bloggers to fill me in on what to expect when your child starts school. Here’s what they said…!

That your child will have a better & busier social life than you! They’ll be invited to so many parties and play dates that you won’t be able to keep up!

Polly at Our Seaside Baby

Tiredness! It takes a little while for them to manage the full 5 days a week AND be able to function as a normal human. They’ll have short tempers and need feeding and putting to bed almost immediately on their return home-plenty of cuddles, patience and understanding until they’re used to it is the key!

Jemma at Mayflower Blogs

Expect to find out about a non uniform day/fancy dress/themed costume day (every other week) the night before! I’ve never known there be so many this year and they always let us know at the last minute, cue loads of parents panic buying!

Beth at Twinderelmo

The school gates can be like being in the play ground all over again – our alpha mum still terrifies me 3 years after my daughter started school!

Natalie at Crummy Mummy

Expect them to come running out of school towards you with open arms – it won’t be for a cuddle it will be to grab whatever snack you have brought. Oh and they will most likely say what’s for snack? before saying hello. Beware the wrath of a Reception child without an after school snack….

Kirsty at Navigating Baby

How many bugs your kids (and you) get as you enter the new germ pool that is school. Not to mention the nits!

Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders

That they’ll amaze you every day with how much they learn and how quickly they learn to read and write. It’s incredible!

Victoria at Healthy Vix

So here we go…. there will be tears! I have been filling up every time a back to school advert is shown on the TV for the last 6 weeks. Me and Mr M have both booked tomorrow off work and I said in a half joking, half serious way the other day, ‘ After drop off I think I need a stiff drink – pub breakfast?!’ A resounding ‘Yes!’ was the reply.

Finley… you are going to smash it. we couldn’t be prouder of you. Go get em kid!

Finley school.jpg

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