Top 10 songs tag!

Music is magic. Hearing a song just transports you instantly to a time in your life, a place, a feeling to to a person. We all love music in our house. I have a very varied taste in music personally! Right back to 70’s disco, 80’s new romantic stuff, 90’s brit pop and cheese and more recent hits.

I originally drafted this post for another blogger but I was too late (blame the child!) so I thought I may as well turn it in to a post for myself!


So here we go! Off the top of my head (there are hundreds more fantastic songs!) My top 10 songs –

1-Toothpaste Kisses by The Macabees

When I met my then boyfriend back in 2009, I had never heard of The Macabees. He always had their CD’s playing in his car and this sort of unofficially became ‘our song.’ We had the lyrics inscribed inside our wedding bands – ‘cradle me, I’ll cradle you.’ It’s a really special song to me as you can imagine!

2- Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue

This transports me right back to bring a kid in the 80’s. It’s so catchy and so great to sing along to. I remember dancing round to it in my hallway at my childhood home.
3- Don’t Stop Moving by S Club 7

I adore cheese and this is just the ultimate cheesy pop song. I could dance to it all night. It’s amazing!

4- Black Coffee In Bed – Squeeze

My Mom loves this band, I love this band and now Fin loves them too. This is one of my favourites of theirs. It’s such a sad song if you listen to the lyrics even though the tune is quite upbeat.

5- Sound Of The Underground – Girls Aloud

Another cheesy tune. I remember hearing this for the first time in the car and it just blew me away. It was so cool and catchy. It’s a timeless pop tune!

6 – It’s All About You – McFly

I sing this to Finley and he has started singing it back now he has learnt the lyrics. Tom Fletcher write it for his then girlfriend Giovanni when he forgot Valentine’s Day. It must be amazing to have such a great song written for you and loved by others!

7 – Lana Del Ray – Video Games

This woman’s voice is just stunning. Another one I heard and instantly fell in love with. It’s so haunting The whole album is just brilliant .

8 – Oasis – Champagne Supernova

The whole Brit Pop scene was around during my mid to late teens so anything from that genre transports me back to the a very carefree time in the 90’s! An anthem.

9 – The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

An absolute beauty of a song. If you haven’t heard this your life isn’t complete!

10 – Eddy Bo – From This Day On

I heard Mr M playing this one night in his office whilst we were planning our wedding. I asked him what it was and knew it should be our first dance at our wedding. It was the perfect choice. Just says it all in one song!

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