18 Summers Wish List!

It’s a scary thought when you realise your time with this little wonderful person you have created is limited. It seems so far away, the teenage years, college, uni, them moving out. But I am reliably informed it arrives very quickly, which I can well believe when I see how far the last 4 years have flown.

I was tagged in the #18summerswishlist post by Mummy’s Diary, which is a pledge list for yourself and your children, of things you want to achieve before their 18th birthday. I loved the idea, so I was really happy to play along!

1.The great outdoors.

We are really keen to fit a camping trip in soon to see how we get on. It will be a first for me and for Finley, but I love the idea of us all pitching up a tent and cooking on a camp stove! Being outdoors as mush as possible is really important to us. I think so many life lessons can be taught by climbing trees, exploring the woods and spending time away from technology as a family.

18 summers 1.jpg

2. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

We haven’t managed to fit in an overseas holiday yet, so this is definitely one to tick off soon. We loved Italy when we went on our honeymoon there, so that would be a nice place to go back to.

3. City sightseers.

Following our successful trip to Bath earlier this year, I would love to do more city breaks. Edinburgh, Paris, Prague, Rome, Zurich, would be top of the list.

18 summers 2

4. Forest school and food.

Finley loves Forest School at nursery and loves going out for picnics and I love doing this as a budget activity if we don’t want to travel too far from home. There is so much to explore in your local area, and we are quite lucky to live close to Clent and the Wyre Forest so it’s nice to go up here while the weather is good.

5. Disneyland here we come!

We are saving up to go Disney World in Florida for my 40th and I am so excited!! We haven’t mentioned it very much to Finley as it is a little bit too far in advance and I think he would drive us mad! It would be nice to do it as a surprise and just take him to the airport without him knowing where he is going!


6. Happy Birthday!

Finley has such a great birthday date – 25th July – and since he was born the weather has always been fantastic on his birthday. I make no apology for putting so much effort in to his birthday. He is my only baby and I love planning so it’s win win for me! I hope to make each birthday memorable and special for him. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Some years we do a picnic in the park and just have a trip as a family. This year we are doing a party as he has friends at nursery and with him starting school we thought it would be nice. Hopefully we will go to the new Legoland Birmingham for his birthday too.

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