When Finley helped Mr Silly Pancakes get to the moon!

As readers to my reviews will know by now, we love a live performance in our family. I always keep an eye on the Mac listings, as as well as showing fantastic shows aimed at the under 5 age group, it’s a venue I really like to support. I have a soft spot for this place. I visited Cannon Hill Park and Mac frequently as a child with my Dad (30 years + ago!) so I guess it’s holds a special place in my heart!

When I spotted Mr Silly Pancake and the Land of Cake and Biscuits, I just had had to see it. A show about pancakes, cake and biscuits?! What could be better?!

On entering the theatre, the set as would expect was visually stunning, with a promise of a visit to ‘Cherie Trifles Magical Cake Shop.’ We didn’t have long to wait before the wonderful Mrs Trifle bounded on to the set, asking us all to share some magic to help her make some cakes by waving our fingers around.

After a visit from the Gingerbread Man, she told us all about the Land of Cake and Biscuits, and how Mr Silly Pancake lived there. Humans aren’t allowed to visit, because we would eat everything! But Mr Silly Pancake needed our help to get to the moon? Could we actually go and resist the temptation to nibble at the treats?

The following part of the show was such a surprise and so unique. All of the children were invited on set to sit on a biscuit and help Mr Pancake! Finley’s face as he played around the stage, navigating jelly fields, marshmallow castle and milkshake river was just such a magical experience. Not to mention the crazy dancing custard cream! I have never known such an interactive show where the children helped to dictate the narrative. Amazing! We all know how hard it is to keep toddlers engaged in a story and to sit in their seat for 60 minutes, so this as just pure genius.

With bubbles, lights, magic spells and dancing, it was an hour of fun and laughter for everyone.

And did Mr Pancake get to the moon…? You’ll have to wait until Knees and Toes Theatre is back in town and go and find out!

Special mention to the BSL interpreter. Such a great job bouncing around stage with so many children and keeping in sight of who needed to see you!



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