Becoming a vegetarian-ish!

We are pretty big meat eaters in our house. Most days includes at least 1 course of meat, usually chicken. I am not sure what’s shifted recently. I have never considered becoming a vegetarian and I guess, until quite recently, I probably (wrongly) thought it was a little bit hippy!

A while back the story of the 2 Sisters chicken factory did turn my belly a little. I wrongly assumed that food standards everywhere were highly regulated and the things that were reported, such as chicken being wrongly labelled to adjust the production date and dropping meat that was eventually packaged on the floor, just wouldn’t happen.

We have been chatting quite a lot in our house recently about carbon footprints, I guess now we have Finley we have become a bit more aware of the planet we will leave behind for him and our grandchildren. I must issue a disclaimer on calculating yours – it’s not the easiest thing to do! However, I had a go and based against the target of 2 metric tonnes per person (to combat climate change) mine was estimated at 3.46 metric tonnes. The average for a person living in the UK at present is 7.13 metric tonnes per person. So needless to say, there is work to be done!

I have noticed the cost of meat rising recently. On average we spend around £100 a week on groceries and I am always looking at ways to cut this down! For example at Asda I usually buy the meats as 3 for £10. For a weeks worth of meals this is £20 before you have even thought about buying anything else! I am sure going to a butchers may work out a little cheaper, but I just don’t have the time at weekends to visit local high streets.

The health element also interested me – would I feel any differently cutting down my meat consumption? I have heard different people say different things when cutting meat out from their diet – better skin, higher energy levels, sleeping better to name a few. All of these sound highly appealing to me, so I am waiting with baited breath for these changes to take affect!

I have noticed such a difference when eating out and shopping in the range of vegetarian and vegan food available. Stuart has got me into eating falafels which at the moment I can’t get enough of. We tried some of Asda’s Sweet Potato and Red Pepper burgers this weekend and they were really nice.

So while I am not going to turn 100% vegetarian, I guess I can class myself as a part time one?! Stuart is definitely more committed when it comes to making drastic changes to his diet and lifestyle and as he has decided he wants to cut down it’s a good time too make the change. Hopefully me doing it alongside him (most of the time!) will assist him.

So my next challenge is to find some yummy, easy, meat free meals! We are eating a lot of fish at the moment and yesterday I did a rather good vegetable curry which I will be doing again soon as it was so easy.

Has anyone else cut down on meat? Any great meal idea I can try? Leave in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Becoming a vegetarian-ish!

  1. Hi yammymommyblog
    Enjoying reading through your posts. I have been a veggie since I was 6 years old…but I do cook meat for family and friends. I don’t have strong views, something put me off meat when I was a child and I have never had the desire to eat it myself since.
    I love the recipes I find in supermarket magazines and on the BBC food website…usually not too many ingredients, not too much skill, but they taste yummy. Favourites include a spinach and ricotta cannelloni, veggie lasagne, veggie moussaka, courgette fritters, veggie casserole with herby dumplings and yes you can’t go wrong with a veggie curry, I have tried scores of recipes for veggie pies and quiches. Goodness I am hungry talking about it.
    I published a post on my site with a recipe that everyone loves for stuffed peppers…it was a bit of a comic post and a thank you to everyone who had given me advice and feedback on my blogging site. It’s called “Would You Like To Come Over For Supper? (Do Not Be Fooled…This Is Not A Food Blog)” Food seems to be the most popular subject for bloggers.

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