What a hoot!

I really enjoy live productions so I’m really pleased that Finley seems to be becoming a fan too. We’ve been to quite a few now at the bigger theatre houses in Birmingham and it’s always been a great day out. So when I saw that a smaller, more local venue- Stourbridge Town Hall was hosting a production of ‘Hoot Owl -Master Of Disguise’ I was really keen to go and check it out.

We haven’t read the book so the narrative was completely new to us. This can sometimes be a challenge with Finley. He likes to be familiar with a story before he will sit and watch it in film or at a theatre. Very pleased to say that today this wasn’t an issue! The set was so colourful, almost cartoon like, and there was a screen with visuals on to keep little ones entertained whilst we were waiting for the show to start.

It always amazes me how such a story and so many props can be seen together so seamlessly with such a small cast. Hoot Owl was compromised of a cast of just two. The chemistry was great, jokes for the parents as well as the children and loads of audience participation which we loved. Great songs to sing along to. The Elvis pigeon song was my personal favourite- it was hilarious!

Hoot Owl was hosted by Proon Productions and starred Ellis Creez and Rebecca Hallworth. Can’t wait to see them back in the Black Country with their next production!

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