Help!! I have no idea what I am doing! ‘We Parent’ review

I don’t know about you, but the sudden rush of panic around children’s mental health is, well, making me panic a bit. Not a day goes by where there isn’t a report about the rise of psychological issues in our young people. Being a modern parent to a modern child, in our ‘InstaParent Age’ has many advantages, but it seems, a host of disadvantages too.

One huge advantage, I find, is the access to a host of information to help us on our weird and wonderful parenting journey.  I am a bit of a child development geek, so when I was offered the opportunity to access ‘We Parent’ – a site promising me the tools to allow me to be the best parent I can be – I jumped at the chance.

We Parent 1

We Parent was founded by Nick Tustin and Dr Don Tustin. In a bid to help parents navigate their way through the most challenging aspects of parenting, the site offers 5 key areas of learning – Emotions, Friendship and Social Skills, Independence, Positive Sense of Self and Sibling Rivalry. We Parent suggests an age of 4 – 8 being the key period of these strategies being implemented, however, Finley is 3 and I felt that many of the suggestions are, and have been relevant to him for quite a while.

Each learning area is broken down in to modules. I jumped straight into the ‘Emotions’ category (yes we had another ‘challenging’ bedtime!) Each module gives you a short introduction of it’s aims and objectives, some fun facts followed by strategies to implement into your routine.

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 21.47.20.png

What I particularly liked about the advice given throughout the whole of the site, was it’s sensible, firm but fair approach, which really sits well with our style of parenting. We aren’t a fan of naughty steps and harsh discipline, so I really liked the whole approach of Nick and Dr Tustin.

The site is designed to be able to jump in and out of any area you feel you might need help with, or if you have more time, you can sit and go through the modules one by one. It’s really easy to navigate around and to jump back and forward through the pages very easily if you wanted to re-read any points. I personally feel some videos would be great, as well as perhaps some sort of online forum within the site to chat with other parents?

We Parent has given us some fantastic advice and tips of things to try out with Finley. We are really trying to work on the ‘vocalising emotions’ with him so this section was particularly helpful.

We Parent membership normally cost £6 per month, but We Parent have kindly given me 10 free annual subscriptions to give away. The first 10 ‘I need help!’ emails I get to will be sent log in details to giving them a fantastic 12 month subscription!

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