Storytime with Nikki at Bensons for Beds

Bedtime is such a fabulous opportunity to take some time out with your child to engross both of you in a great book! We have been really fortunate with Finley. He has always had a love of books and we don’t have much of an issue at bedtime to get him to settle down and listen to one us reading to him. The introduction of tablets to all of our lives, the reliance on them and the amount of screen time our children are having (not judging, we have one for ’emergencies’!) is a concern to many health officials.

I was really excited when we were invited along to the Bensons for Beds event at their Wednesbury store. Storytime Nikki (best known for her role as Laa Laa in Teletubbies) dropped in to tell her magical stories – complete with her gigantic storytelling skirt and captivating tales. The aim of the event was to encourage children to turn off their screens before bedtime and explore their imagination, whilst viewing the huge selection of children’s beds and relaxing in their designated coffee zone.

Nikki 2.jpg

We were greeted with a sight of beautiful green scenery, rather like a mermaid in a huge sea. Nikki, with her soothing and inspiring voice, captivated Finley immediately! Reciting tales about ‘The Monster Tree’ (Finley’s favourite) ‘Incapability Brown’ ‘Space Girl’ (my favourite) and ‘Crikey Eyes.’

Nikki was fantastic at getting all of the children involved, making a treasure hunt around her sea green skirt and involving the children in acting and dancing out the tales she told.

It was such a lovely morning and Finley was chatting all about ‘The Monster Tree’ all the way home! It definitely encouraged us to take more time before bedtime to make up stories and explore our minds a little more.

*This was a collaborative post with Bensons for Beds. All opinions however, are my own!

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