What’s in my make up bag?

Which one? people that know me would probably ask! I have, since about the age of 11, been a beauty product junkie. I cannot get enough of the stuff. So the opportunity to share what’s on today’s face was very welcome!


Currently loving Max Factor Lasting Performance make up for every day. It’s really great coverage wise without being too heavy and lasts all day.  For special occasions I wear Estee Lauder Waterfresh Doublewear which is amazing!

I always use a primer. I have used Laura Geller Spackle for quite a few years now and it’s great and a tube lasts for ages!

I have recently tried Bourjois Healthy Mix Anti Fatique concealer (let’s face it, who doesn’t need some of this), finished with a healthy dusting of No.7 loose powder.


I feel a bit naked without eyeliner, but do find it very hard to get a nice one that doesn’t scratch your eyes and run. My favourite one at the moment is Mally Evercolour Starlight which defines your eyes but isn’t too harsh for every day. My all time favourite mascara is Bourjois Volume Glamour. I have used it for years on and off and haven’t found another brand to beat it – yet!

I love Laura Geller and Mally eyeshadows if i’m going out. I used to wear eyeshadows most days pre – baby. How times change!


Doll 10 Hydra Gel blush is lovely. I find powders a little bit ageing but this cream type formula makes you look very ‘glowy’ and healthy. Lasts all day too!


Bourjois lipsticks are really nice but I don’t tend to wear them very often! Generally it’s just a bit of lip balm.

Make up bag

Thanks @arthurwears for the tag! In turn I nominate @aboutbabyblog @allthingsspliced @ducki1984 @thechattychronicles


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