The Sunshine Award!

I was nominated by @verymummy for The Sunshine Blogger Award. This is my first Sunshine Blogger Award. I first heard of the sunshine blogger award a few weeks ago, prior to that, I hadn’t heard of it all. So, I really appreciate being nominated. Thanks @verymummy!

Sunshine Blogger Award.png

So here it goes.


You wake up on a desert island – what three things would you take with you?

My kindle, food and factor 50!

Who would you have play you in a movie?

Alicia Silverstone. Adored her in Clueless and I am a little clueless myself so makes sense!

What was the last Text you sent? (Full text, out of context and unedited)

Shower time! How are you? (Its not as saucy as it sounds)

You know the world is about to end tonight, how would you spend your final day?

Family, food and telling people what I really thought about them!

What is your biggest fear?


What makes you overwhelmed with happiness?

Finley is going through a stage at the moment of saying ‘Look Nonny!’ at pretty much everything and it just melts my heart. He also puts his cheek to mine and says ‘It’s just me and you!’

You are tasked with saving the world, your partner is a character from the last thing you watched – who is helping you and will it be successful?

Ruth Langsford – sure she’s quite cool and feisty!

In the recent light of hate towards FRIENDS – what are your feelings on the show?

Friends is awesome! Lighten up people it’s funny!

What would your dream car be?

A yellow one.

Where do you see yourself by Christmas?

Same place as I am now probably! No major plans this year a nice, normal year of good health will be fine.

Why are there 11 questions?

No idea, maybe the person that wrote it didn’t want to know anymore about me! How rude!

So there are my answers, I hope you liked reading them, and in turn, I tag:

Laura at Chatty Chronicles 

Danni at Mum Of 3 Boys

Abi at Something About Baby

Nicola at Something About Baby

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