A Coco weekend!

This weekend I braved the Odeon – I say braved as my previous 2 attempts at taking Finley to the cinema haven’t gone well. Finding Dory – lasted about 5 minutes. Cars 3 – slight improvement at around 20 minutes. However, on viewing the Coco trailer, I was confident the main theme of the film would capture the boys attention and keep his bum firmly planted on the seat!

Cinema 1

Our local cinema is Odeon Dudley. I always pre book tickets if I can. I can’t imagine the fall out if I had promised an outing and it didn’t deliver! The cinema has ample parking a short walk away and has plenty of eateries on site also. There is also a Costa Coffee and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream parlour on site, along with all the other usual snacks you would expect to find at the cinema. I was a little surprised to find as I had booked online beforehand, my ticket price was 75p more than our friends who purchased on the day.

It was really nice to get given a Coco colouring book and activity pack. Finley really loves getting ‘stuff’ (so do I actually!) and it was nice when we got home to sit and look at these and chat about the film.

Coco Booklet

Once we had loaded up with snacks and a drink. we took our seats and I am happy to report – success! He really enjoyed and sat enthralled during the whole film. Finley adores music, particularly if it involves a guitar! So the fact that the main character Miguel spends a large part of the film playing one was big bonus.

The film includes lots of funny moments and like all Pixar films, is visually stunning. The colours and graphics are beautiful. It’s such a heartwarming ending. Tears were shed!

Afterwards, we headed to Pizza Hut. Since becoming a little obsessed with Kevin from Home Alone over Christmas, all Finley wants to do is eat cheese pizza! Followed by a huge bowl of ice cream and toppings from the ice cream factory.

Cinema 2

A great day out for a rainy, January Saturday!



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