Hello 2018!

So we are 8 days in to the New Year and it’s my first free day! So hoping it’s not too late to focus on New Year goals. We are sill blurring the lines a little here in the Maynes abode between the festive season and January, with the leftover booze, cheese and chocolates still hanging around and being consumed!

Christmas Booze

I don’t make ‘resolutions’ as such, but like to have a little check list of things I would like to achieve in the coming year. By putting them out there I am pretty much committing myself to them! So here goes….!

1. Getting ‘a little bit’ fitter!

I joined Pure Gym last October when Finley started nursery and although I do have to give myself a kick up the bottom to get myself to go when its dark and cold, I quite enjoy myself once I get there! I feel so much better for it too. I can only squeeze in two visits a week at the moment, but I’m already seeing the benefits. Its great being a 24 hour gym, so I can go when Stuart gets home from work or early at the weekends while the boys are still in bed. I am aiming to do a Park Run in the Spring – more on that in the future when I do it!

2. Chess

Stuart is a huge chess fan and being the nice person that I am, I reluctantly agreed to play it with him so he could practice his moves! But I have surprised myself by actually enjoying it and getting quite good! So whilst I don’t think I will be going pro anytime soon, it would be good to play a bit more and get to a fairly good standard.


3. Books

Not a massive change. My kindle is one of my most valued possessions and I read quite a lot, but I do struggle a little for time now being a Mom. I have to be a little more disciplined with myself on this hobby. My reading time is limited to being on the train going to work, but  I am guilty of just getting my phone out and browsing social media and not really achieving anything! I am currently reading Chris Difford’s autobiography which I am really enjoying. But I do love novels. Recently I have loved reading ‘The Light Between Oceans’ by M L Stedman and ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini. If I could get a book a month read I think that is pretty achievable.

4. House

We have been in our house 3 and a half years now and it’s about 50% ‘done’. It is so difficult when you are working (and throw a newborn / crawling baby / toddler in to the mix also!) I have been accused of being impatient by my husband, which may or may not be true (!) but I would really like to get the place looking like ‘our home.’ I always had a dream of what my family home would look like and I don’t have it yet – hence the impatient element I guess! We are getting there slowly!

5. Blog

My little blog is still little, but it’s been really lovely to have a hobby aside from housework and wiping bums over the last few months! I would really like to go self hosted soon and ‘perfect my craft’ so to speak!

So there it is! 2018 in a nutshell. It will be a big year for Finley with him starting Primary School this September, so after he has had his place confirmed in April we can start preparing him – and me – for that. I became a Parent Governor at his nursery just before Christmas, so I am hoping this gives me a bigger insight as to how the education system works and helps him a little in his journey.

Finley nursery

What’s your New Year goals? Are they going well or are they already broken?!




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