Living with a serial m-hobbyist*

*That’s either really funny or a bit shit. You decide!

Does your other half disappear for hours on end? Does money suddenly vanish from bank accounts without warning? Do they become animated and excitable all of a sudden when you ask if they’ve had a good day?

Well, just like me, you could be sharing your life with a hobby junky.

One of the first things that I noticed about Mr M was his passion for what he did. He turned up at my place of work one day responding to a job vacancy for a Graphic Designer and, luckily for him (!) I sat in on his interview. He presented his portfolio of artwork to us and the way he spoke about his work pretty much captivated me from the first moment I met him. His passion for what he did was something that didn’t leave me from that day onwards.

Fast forward a few months. We are now an item and I’m now learning by proxy about photography. He mentions a lense he really wants. Eager to impress I considered buying it for him. A quick google search put pay to that idea… it was almost £400! £400!! for a bit of glass?!

When that phase passed (thank goodness I didn’t buy the lense) it was bikes. We visit The Bike Show at the NEC and he lusts over pedals, saddles, different types of frames, different colours of bikes and he decides that he has to have one. The hunt begins. We drive to a bike shop in Sheffield (apparently they don’t have them within an hour drive of Birmingham) and spend the day there. He sits, he lifts, he tries helmets on for size.

5 years on he’s still trying to decide what bike he really wants.

Stu cycling

The most recent hobby is fishing. He comes in to the living room one day, shuffling and loitering (a sure sign he’s either after something or he’s done something wrong)

‘I’m going to the fishing shop this weekend. I think I’m going to spend big’


‘I need a new fishing box’

‘Cool’ I say, thinking a box would be what – £30?

‘It’s £500’

£500?? For a box?! What does this box do? Does it catch the fish for you? Is it edged in gold?!

We had a similar conversation when he wanted to buy a running jacket during the trail running phase. This jacket is akin to a balero and has 2 plastic squidgey type bottles in the front. These things cost £150!! It’s tiny!

Stu running 3

Last Christmas he had a fleeting affair with chess, which I admit I quite enjoyed as it usually involved a side buffet of cheese and wine. Sadly for Mr M, I’m not the best player and he usually had to explain the rules every game and remind me what each of the pieces are. Safe to say, he hasn’t asked me to play in a  while!

He has also had an ongoing love affair with a girl called Lilyanna, a card as part of the game ‘Magic The Gathering.’ This hobby is accompanied by the postman delivering mountains of envelopes each day with cards bought from Ebay and other sellers. Do I understand the rules? No, despite his many attempts to explain them to me and entice me in to playing. I know he has hundreds of these shiny cards in boxes and folders in his office and occasionally disappears for weekends when a new set comes out and they use it as an excuse to play all weekend in the local geek shop. If you win you get a new playing mat! It’s very exciting when that happens!

Magic Photo

There have been many more….camping, hiking in the snow (snow walking boots also cost the price of a holiday), rock climbing, reading…the list goes on. When Mr M gets in to a hobby he gets in to it big time. He buys all the gear and spends hours watching videos, reading books, joining clubs. It takes over the the house!

Annoying, he is one of those people who picks things up incredibly quickly, so while I am trying to get my head around the basics of hobby 1 (and getting a bit lost!) he’s moved on to the next one.

So what are the benefits of having a husband who jumps from one hobby to another? Well I become a partial expert in all kinds of subjects. I am currently learning through the occasional eavesdropping of a You Tube video about F1 fish, about the waggler fishing technique, expanding pellets – see Stu I do listen!

I have always been a person who has enjoyed my own space and company, so being married to someone who is of the same mindset is something that works for us both. I’ve often had the ‘another weekend away?’ comment. But for us, it works. And it works really well.

I guess that leads to my final point on this – if Mr M is happy, I am happy and I know he feels exactly the same way.

Mr M.. in case you didn’t know. I totally adore you. Just the way you are!

Gail and Stu 2



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