Nick and Emily Photography 

I love taking photos. Especially now Finley is around. It’s so nice to be able to document each stage of our life and be able to look back on the snaps you’ve taken. If you’re family is anything like mine however, most photos are of your toddler, Daddy and toddler and then the occasional selfie of you and your child, with you having a double chin/ looking off camera/ being mounted by toddler (delete where appropriate!)

It is a real treat to be able to get someone else behind the lense to be able to get photos of you as a complete family unit. When I came across Nick and Emily Photography, based in the beautiful village of Belbroughton, I couldn’t resist booking a shoot with them.

Family Shot

Primarily for us the appeal was the fact that the family shoot is outdoors. We are pretty outdoorsy people so I hoped it would really capture this side of us. The gallery of images were beautiful and I really liked their style.

You could very easily pick a time and date from their website too, meaning you could see a range of slots available that would suit you.

Nick is such a warm character which instantly relaxes you. He was fantastic with Finley, who was totally comfortable straight away posing for photographs (Nick- believe me this is compliment!)

The area of Belbroughton is beautiful. Nick and Emily are fortunate enough to live beside a gorgeous woodland area which is where the photo shoot took place.

Familt shot sitting

We didn’t have to wait too long either to view our photos either which was another bonus. Nick and Emily came to our home just over a week after our shoot, which let’s face it is a brilliant bonus when you have kids. Sitting in photo studios while Mommy can’t decide which photos to choose isn’t most toddlers idea of a good time!

I was absolutely thrilled to bits with our photos. They totally capture ‘us’. There was a mixture of posed shots and then a few where we were just doing funny things we so as a family (Finley’s group hug!) so to have these captured was just brilliant.


We decided to sign up for the family package. This means that we can have a photoshoot once a year, including all digital files and a discount from purchases of prints through the Nick and Emily shop. They will also edit any of your holiday snaps. I loved this idea. Will be so nice to see our family grow and change without having to find hundreds of pounds on the spot for a few images and having to decide which ones you like best – you just get them all. 

Nick and Emily – thank you! So looking forward to working with you again over the years!

A family photo shoot starts from £40. For more details visit

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