Essington Farm

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..

I love days out with my little family. I love researching them, planning them, packing the bags, pre – looking at the food menu available (apparently this is weird!) the road trip and most of all, creating memories to look back on for years to come. One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was to not only create a place to document these outings, but hopefully to give other Moms and Dads ideas of things to do along with a review, tips, and ideas as to how much it will cost, parking, changing facilities and all the other things you need to know when you have babies and toddlers in tow!

Ever since I can remember I have loved Autumn. It is my favourite time of the year. And let’s face it winter clothes are so much more forgiving! So I decided to jump in to the season head first and kick it off with a spot of pumpkin picking at Essington Farm in Wolverhampton ( It is something I had never done before so I had no idea what to expect. Luckily we picked a very mild day to visit, but with it being a mainly outdoor activity wrapped up warmly with Finley kitted out in his Toy Story wellies!

Finley Wellies


We arrived at lunchtime so as soon as we got there we visited the cafe for some food. Finley had a sausage roll which came with salad and chutney, I had a ham and coleslaw wrap and Stu had a beef and chutney sandwich, both came with salad and crisps. We had 3 bottles of ‘posh pop’ (which was lush!) and some milkshake for Finley and the total bill came in at just under £20 which I thought was really reasonable. The food was really fresh and tasty and I would definitely eat there again.

Next – pumpkins! We caught the tractor for the 5 minute journey down to the pumpkin field (you can walk but the tractor seemed like a much better option and a lot more fun!) Finley loved hunting through the grass to look for big pumpkins, little pumpkins, orange pumpkins, green pumpkins! There were LOADS! The field is divided up so you get a rough estimate as to how much your pumpkin will cost. We picked 2 out to take homel and decided to walk back to the pay point. Tip – after about 30 seconds carrying 2 pumpkins, navigating a toddler and stepping through the long grass this becomes really hard. You may want to wait for the tractor to pick you up for the return journey!

We spent around £12 on 2 pumpkins which was more than you would pay in the supermarket but for the experience on the whole I think it was a good value morning out. We spent around 3 hours here in total which is a nice amount of time for Finley.

There was also an area with photo booth props, play tractors and face painting which we had a quick look in afterwards.

Finally, we visited the amazing farm shop – I love a good farm shop – which stocked fresh bacon, sausages, cheeses, ales and chocolates to take home.

Mommy and Finley

On the way back Finley informed me he wanted to ‘eat the pumpkins!’ So a quick Google search gave me a simple recipe for some amazing pumpkin muffins which we ate far too many of!

Pumpkin muffins

I would absolutely recommend a trip to Essington Farm. It was a really lovely morning out as a family and a great way to talk to your toddler about Autumn and the change of seasons.

Parking – A huge car park less than a minute from the front door.

Changing Facilities – Self contained clean baby changing.

Food – A great selection of hot and cold food with lots of suitable options for kids. Finley loved the milkshake!

And the rest – We don’t use a pushchair, but I noticed staff helping parents lift buggies on and off the tractor which will help! However if you are wanting to get stuck in pumpkin picking, a baby carrier would be really useful. I wouldn’t fancy pushing a pram round here.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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