First blog post

Gail 1Errrrrrrrm…. Hi!

I guess this is my first blog post!

I have no idea what I am doing so be kind!

So I saw a lot of friends and Facebook Mommy friends start blogs and I always thought ‘that looks quite cool, would be so nice to have a hobby!’ I thought it may be quite therapeutic and occasionally I have been known to crack the odd joke and make people laugh. It’s also been noted I can be a little opinionated sometimes too (is that a good thing-?!)

But then life gets in the way –  potty training, a holiday is coming up, work goes a bit crazy and my brain is frazzled by 4pm, then it’s a birthday…. and the list goes on. And lets face it it’s always a little (a lot) scary putting yourself out there. Then a few weeks back Finley started nursery. ‘How amazing!’ I thought! ‘A whole day to myself when I am not at work and Finley isn’t at home – I am going to do so much with my time!’

So I came home after dropping him off (I joined the gym on route – it was a bit like a mid life crisis hit) I decluttered the house, I cleaned, I fussed the neglected cat…then I sat, I made tea, I sat some more and I felt a bit lost.

Screw it – let’s do it. Let’s be a blogger Mommy type person. Relaxing is over rated.

It’s so weird how parenting completely changes you and there is almost like an unwritten code between parents that no topic is off limits. You have no qualms about talking about bodily fluids, leakage, stitches and poo. I was on a training day not long back with a lot of cool 20 something PR graduate people. I sat with my drink of water in a Tommee Tippee type flask (grabbed last minute on route out of door) and my Toy Story branded snack (also grabbed on route whilst grappling with a crying toddler who never wants Mommy to go to work). During one particuarly long chapter, the trainer started talking about his grandchildren – bingo! I know about this! I mentioned my son and before I knew it we were discussing bowel movements of babies.

Needless to say the rest of the group of cool 20 somethings thought the whole thing was most bizarre… you could pretty much see the faces turn a shade of green.

Can I talk about things other than poo? Let’s hope so.

So in the hope I don’t offend any of my nearest and dearest…. I guess this is the place to bear my soul!

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